Transforming the Coffee Supply Chain

Creating More Than Fair™ value & sustainability to talented coffee farmers across the globe.
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Bridging the Gap Between the Consumer & Farmer.

Oftentimes coffee pickers cannot afford to buy a coffee cup of their yield from what they earn in a full day’s work. In reality, coffee has a deep history of abhorrent working conditions and indentured servitude. We are here to help reverse this.

Addressing Origin Problems







We Reward Excellence.

We strive to bring financial stability to the farmer by rewarding excellence, and collaborating between the roaster and coffee farmer.
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Our Impact

For fifteen years, More Than Fair has develped strong, collaborative partnerships to ensure farm sustanibility. our transparent direct-trade model enables all parties to share industry best practices, allocate resources for development, and serve as an insturmental building block for aspiring farmers. we are a participative community that works to ensure financial stability and responsible agricultural producivitiy.

We have seen impactful progress made throughout our Journey. Farmers have improved their coffee quality, diversified their processing capabilities, learned business software tools, gained international trading experience, improved quality of life for their workers, and increased community engagement. This is just the beginning.

500,000+ lbs MTF Certified Traded

1000+ Acres Developed Sustainably

85+ Average Cupping Score

100+ MTF Participants

from growers to roasters

Collaboration Across the Globe

Nepal Coffee Co.

Himalayas, nepal

Grown in the shady foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, makes one of the highest grown coffees in the world at 1600 meters above sea-level.

Cafe Monte Jack

risaralda, colombia

Two neighboring farms in Colombia, who combined forces to develop the best agricultural practices and explore innovation in coffee.

Cameroon Boyo

boyo region, cameroon

Circle of Excellence (CoE) groups. These are groupings of a small number of farmers with neighboring farms who follow common guidelines and “peer review” themselves as they combine their production each season.

Volcan Azul

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

F.C.J. Volcan Azul produce some of the world's best coffees. Year after year Alejo Castro is constantly improving and pursing the best quality possible.

Finca Arbar

Lourdes de Narajo, cR

A small farm operated by the family of Carlos Arrieta who live directly on the processing site and spend year-round producing excellent micro-lots.