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starWhy MTFstar

Why More Than Fair

By becoming part of the More Than Fair network, you particiapte in a program that strives for quality and equality in the coffee industry.


What is Equality:

Equality is when all people are treated the same way. Rather than a condescending attitude of “saving” the “starving” farmers, we simply want to support their efforts by giving them a fair price for their coffees and an avenue for focusing on quality through conversations with the roasters and brewers of the beans. Our program brings together participating coffee growers, roasters and retailers who take pride in being the best. They plant, harvest, process, roast and brew your coffee with the intention of your drinking only the best and freshest.


What is Quality:

Quality and sustainability practices make better tasting coffee. In order to understand the quality efforts of the More Than Fair growers, it is necessary to explain all the relevant stages of quality. From growing coffee to roasting it, More Than Fair participants are to be people with excellence in mind.


Stages of Quality

Stage 1 (Selection of seedlings) The first decision of quality begins in selecting which seedlings to plant from the many varieties of coffee that exist, such as such Arabica typica or Bourbon.
Stage 2 (Plant Management) As the plants grow and mature, growers pay special mind to soil quality through decisions of fertilization as well as caring for individual trees including the defoliation of undesired plants in the field.
Stage 3 (Harvesting) A crew of experienced pickers select which cherries are ripe for picking and which need further ripening. Quality control and careful instruction directly affect selecting cherries with the most flavorful beans.
Stage 4 (Processing of harvested beans) Growers decide if the beans will be removed from the cherry using a wet or dry process. Because of the variety that exists in coffee, the intimate knowledge that a grower has of their coffee’s flavor profile contributes to how they choose to depulp and dry the beans: whether they want to highlight sweeter fruitier flavors or bring out richer chocolaty notes.
Stage 5 (Storing and Selection) Once the coffee is processed and dried to a maximum of 12% relative humidity, the individual seeds are sorted and selected to remove either manually or mechanically the defective beans that contribute to unfavorable aspects in the final cup.  This improves the consistency of the batch providing a selection of beans with a flavor profile which can only be named More Than Fair.